Return to School info

SCAP Return To School Plan 2020

Arriving at School

By Bus: Students will exit their bus front to back and then proceed to their designated entrance.

  • Kindergarten to Grade Five: West Entrance
  • Grades 6/7/8: Main (South) Entrance
  • Highschool: East Entrance

By Car: Students will be dropped off at the sidewalk or in the visitor parking area.  Students will then proceed to their respective entrance as indicated above.

Walking: Students are asked to proceed to their designated entrance as indicated above.

Once inside the school, students are asked to use the hand sanitizing stations located at each entrance and then follow the directional floor markings as they make their way to their classrooms.

Visitors: At this time, only staff and essential service providers will have access to the school.  If parents, guardians or other guests are dropping off items or need to pick up items, they will be met at the door by a staff member. Please use the door buzzer at the main entrance as usual.

During School

In the Classroom: Students will work in their own classroom as usual.  Desks and tables will be separated to maximize distance between students.  Students in Grades 3-12 are required to wear a mask during instructional time.  Students will be given “mask breaks” throughout the day.  

Use of Washrooms: At any time, one student per classroom will be dismissed to use the washroom in order to minimize congestion in the washrooms.  High school students and elementary students will use their respective washrooms.  All students are asked to bring a refillable water bottle as refilling stations will be open, but fountains will be closed.

During Lunch: Elementary students will eat lunch in their own classrooms.  Due to small class size in the high school, students will eat lunch in the same room.  Microwaves will not be available at this time.  High school students will be permitted to leave school grounds during their lunch hour but need to be mindful about returning on time.  

During Recess: During recess students will place their facemasks in a bag (provided) before they exit the school.  They will proceed outside using the same entrance as they do for school arrival. The exception to this will be the 6-8 class, who will use the north entrance at recess times.  Students will play in the area designated for their classroom. To re-enter the school, students will line up at their respective doors, one meter apart. They will hand sanitize and re-mask and then head to their classrooms. Because of our small size, staggered lunch and recess times are not necessary.  

Departing from School:

High school students will leave the school first, remembering to maintain social distance. Elementary students will follow in a similar fashion, with each group using their assigned door.  They will proceed to their respective busses, vehicles or walk home as usual.